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MultiLingual Sites for Companies expanding into new Markets

MultiLingual Sites for Companies expanding into new Markets

MultiLingual Sites for Companies expanding into new Markets

Multilingual Websites to Help US and International Companies Reach out other Markets

Multilingual Website Design

Bilingual Web Design technology supports creation of multilingual sites. We can create a bilingual or multilingual website to assist you in reaching into new markets and selling or communicating with potential new clients. Our service includes market know-how consulting, assistance with domain search and SEO, as well as creating your website, and hosting it.  You do not need to trash or redesign your existing website.  If you want to create an additional site, we can accommodate your request and make the new site maintain the appearance of your home website, adding only the content that you need to get translated.

Multilingual Packages

Our services include searching for a domain in the target country language and keywords research if you are looking for SEO optimization, in the target online market.

Go Mobile

If you want to provide a mobile experience we can create a responsive website in a different language that will work with most of the mobile devices available on the market today. Most of your customers have a mobile phone or a tablet and because of that, your traffic will continue to grow. Having a multi-lingual mobile site is a step in the right direction to tap into the mobile market.We offer other services which include: SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, mobile Application Design and CRM integration.

Sort and Rework Case Study

Sort & Rework is a global manufacturing service company serving the maquiladora industry along the US – Mexico border and servicing automotive suppliers with sort and rework quality services. CEO Guillermo Guerrero approached Bilingual Web Design with the challenge to create a multilingual site to be able to communicate in three different languages with its global customers, clients and suppliers. Sort & Rework’s English website is being used to communicate and market Sort and Rework services in the US. The Spanish site is being used to connect and exchange communication with Sort & Rework Spanish speaking clients and employees and the Chinese Sort & Rework site is being used to stay connected and collaborate with S&R suppliers located in China and in the South Pacific Region.

Read more about Spanish Web Design by following the link – https://bilingualwebdesign.net/spanish-web-content

Author: YoshieHoran