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Bilingual Web Design for Doctors, Dentist and Medical Services

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Are you a Doctor, Dentist or Clinic wishing to tap into the Hispanic Market?

If you are a Doctor, Clinic or a Dentist wanting to market your line of medical services or just wanting to improve communication with Spanish speaking clients, BWD can help you with creating an effective, user friendly and mobile compatible bilingual site. We also have managed several other languages such as Polish, Burmese, Chinese and other languages.

Bilingual Doctor Service: Our Bilingual Doctor service is actually a full line of services crafted for medical providers and that includes Bilingual web design, translation of Medical content to be used in marketing material or web content, integration of the website with internal systems, etc.
Spanish SEO for Medical Services: Let us make you the best SEO website in Spanish for your medical practice.

Mobile Website Services: Hispanics continue to adopt mobile technologies at a faster pace than other nationalities in the U.S. Having a mobile site is a smart move as you will improve the mobile experience for your Hispanic customers. Our mobile sites can be created using the feel and look of your current site.




Customer Business Story: Preferred Health Care

Preferred Health Care Ltd is a health care organization located in the Chicago Metro area and providing a variety of nursing and medical services to senior residents. A large majority of their clients are native Spanish speakers. Bilingual Web Design created a bilingual presentation and marketing material to provide information about Preferred Health Care different services.

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