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Saturday, 19 October 2013 16:19

Hispanics Display Unique Mobile, Web Habits

Hispanics Display Unique Mobile, Web Habits

October 18, 2013

prosper-use-of-mobile-apps-by-hispanics-oct11.gifUS Hispanic adults 18 and older display mobile and internet habits notably different from the non-Hispanic and general adult populations, according to data released in October 2011 by the Prosper Insights Hispanic Insight Center. For example, almost 68% of Hispanic adults download mobile apps, 28% more than the 53% of non-Hispanic adults who download mobile apps.

In addition, 56% of all adults download mobile apps, meaning Hispanic adults are 21% more likely to do so.


Cable TV, Magazines Trigger Hispanic Search

big-search-triggers-oct-2011.JPGWhen it comes to triggers for online search, Hispanic adults are much more likely to have their search behavior triggered by cable TV and magazines than non-Hispanic adults or the overall adult population. The leading online search trigger for Hispanic adults is magazines, used by almost 41% of Hispanics. This makes them 17% more likely than non-Hispanic adults (35%) and 14% more likely than overall adults (36%) to perform a magazine-driven online search.

In addition, 35% of Hispanic adults have online searches triggered by cable TV, 21% more than non-Hispanic adults (29%) and 13% more than overall adults (31%). Hispanics have similarly higher rates of online searches triggered by blogs, cell phone and email advertising. Their rates are significantly lower for the triggers of direct mail and reading an article.

Hispanics Blog More

big-hispanic-blogs-oct-2011.JPGHispanics use blogs more frequently than other adults. About 15% of Hispanic adults read blogs regularly, 25% more than non-Hispanic adults (12%) and 15% more than overall adults (13%). Hispanic adults also maintain blogs (6%) at a rate 50% higher than non-Hispanic adults (4%) and 20% higher than overall adults (5%).

In addition, 6% of Hispanic adults post to blogs, compared to about 5% of both non-Hispanic and overall adults (roughly 20% more likely to post).

Other Findings

  • 51% of Hispanic adults perform online research before shopping in a store regularly, 27.5% more than the 40% of non-Hispanic adults and 24% more than the 41% of overall adults who do so.
  • 24% of Hispanic adults perform online search via cell phone, 71% more than 14% of non-Hispanic adults and 50% more than 12% of overall adults.
  • Hispanic adults are much less likely than non-Hispanic adults to own a desktop computer but somewhat more likely to own a wireless laptop or netbook, Droid or iPad, and much more likely to own an iPod or iPhone.

Pew: Latinos Less Plugged In

US Latinos are less likely to access the internet, have a home broadband connection or own a cell phone than whites or blacks, according to an August 2011 study from the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism. Data from “The State of the News Media 2011″ indicates that about two-thirds of Latino (65%) and African American (66%) adults went online in 2010, roughly 14% less than the 77% of white adults who did so.

Furthermore, only 45% of Latinos have broadband access at home, 13% less than the 52% of blacks and 31% less than the 65% of whites with home broadband access. Just more than three-quarters, 76%, of Latinos owned a cell phone in 2010, 4% less than the 79% of blacks 11% less than the 85% of whites who owned cell phones.

About the Data: Data was collected by BIGresearch in June 2011.

Friday, 11 October 2013 20:14

Bilingual Mobile Application Development

Our Bilingual and Hispanic Online Mobile Apps are defining the Hispanic Online Market


One of the main differences that put Bilingual Web Design ahead of the competition is the unique and breakthrough applications and solutions that we have been creating through the years. BWD is a market leader and our Bilingual and Hispanic applications are defining and creating markets and will continue to grow in popularity, not only, but mainly among Hispanic online users.




Are you a Doctor, Dentist or Clinic wishing to tap into the Hispanic Market?

If you are a Doctor, Clinic or a Dentist wanting to market your line of medical services or just wanting to improve communication with Spanish speaking clients, BWD can help you with creating an effective, user friendly and mobile compatible bilingual site. We also have managed several other languages such as Polish, Burmese, Chinese and other languages.

Bilingual Doctor Service: Our Bilingual Doctor service is actually a full line of services crafted for medical providers and that includes Bilingual web design, translation of Medical content to be used in marketing material or web content, integration of the website with internal systems, etc.
Spanish SEO for Medical Services: Let us make you the best SEO website in Spanish for your medical practice.

Mobile Website Services: Hispanics continue to adopt mobile technologies at a faster pace than other nationalities in the U.S. Having a mobile site is a smart move as you will improve the mobile experience for your Hispanic customers. Our mobile sites can be created using the feel and look of your current site.




Customer Business Story: Preferred Health Care

Preferred Health Care Ltd is a health care organization located in the Chicago Metro area and providing a variety of nursing and medical services to senior residents. A large majority of their clients are native Spanish speakers. Bilingual Web Design created a bilingual presentation and marketing material to provide information about Preferred Health Care different services.

 Visit this Site




Thursday, 10 October 2013 02:41

Bilingual and Spanish websites for Attorneys


Bilingual Web Design has worked with attorneys and law firms demanding to reach out to Latinos searching for legal services. We have created Bilingual and Spanish websites with legal Spanish content in the areas of immigration, divorce, family law, accident, criminal law and many other legal areas.

Bilingual and Spanish Sites: Our line of services include creating Spanish only or fully Bilingual websites to reach out and differentiate yourself as an attorney that understands the Hispanic Legal market and your local Spanish speaking customers.

SEO in Spanish for websites for Attorneys: We use our knowledge on legal Spanish SEO area, to find the Spanish keywords that will help capture some of the searches for legal services in your city.



Mobile Websites for Attorneys: Latinos continue to adopt mobile technologies at a faster pace than any other nationality in the U.S. Latinos love their phones and they usually text search and surf the internet for information.

According to Hispanic Research, 93% of Hispanics own a mobile device and 75% of them search for information using their mobile devices daily. Our Bilingual Mobile Websites are user friendly and designed using the latest technology. Our mobile sites are affordable and our turnaround to design and develop a site is very fast.

If you want to keep the same feel and look of your site we can accommodate this request. Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Go Mobile with your law practice and tap into the growing Hispanic market which is searching for your services.



Tuesday, 08 October 2013 03:22

Spanish Web Content Traslation

SpanishSiteTranslationSpanish Only Website - Our Bilingual language tech professionals can translate and create Spanish only content websites. Our sites can be customized for specific needs such as creating a Spanish website with the same feel and look like the original English version website.

Spanish Content Translation - Our Bilingual Web Design professionals can also translate your English content into Spanish, to be used in marketing materials.


Spanish Translation Business Case -  Our Bilingual Web Design professionals can also translate your English content into Spanish, to be used in marketing materials 

ServiciosTranslationWebsitesSpanish Web Content Translations  - 

Spanish Only Website - Our Bilingual language tech professionals can translate and create Spanish only content websites. Our sites can be customized for specific needs such as creating a Spanish website with the same feel and look like the original English version website.

Spanish Content Translation - Our Bilingual Web Design professionals can also translate your English content into Spanish, to be used in marketing materials.

Spanish Translation Business Case - Preferred Health Care approached Bilingual Web Design to create a state of the art Bilingual Website and marketing material in both English and Spanish.

Spanish Only Content for Non Profit Organizations - Shepherd Community Organization is a non-profit organization with a main mission to break the cycle of poverty. Bilingual Web Design created a Spanish Only website to help them reach out to the Spanish community. Shepherd en Español site was created as a separate instance with the same look and feel of the original website.

Other Services

We also offer Marketing Collateral, Mobile Marketing, Spanish Email Marketing and SMS Spanish Marketing services for you.


Multilingual Websites to Help US and International Companies Reach out other Markets.


Multilingual Website Design

Bilingual Web Design technology supports creation of multilingual sites. We can create a bilingual or multilingual website to assist you in reaching into new markets and selling or communicating with potential new clients. Our service includes market know-how consulting, assistance with domain search and SEO, as well as creating your website, and hosting it.  You do not need to trash or redesign your existing website.  If you want to create an additional site, we can accommodate your request and make the new site maintain the appearance of your home website, adding only the content that you need to get translated.

Multilingual Packages

Our services include searching for a domain in the target country language and keywords research if you are looking for SEO optimization, in the target online market.

Go Mobile

If you want to provide a mobile experience we can create a responsive website in a different language that will work with most of the mobile devices available on the market today. Most of your customers have a mobile phone or a tablet and because of that, your traffic will continue to grow. Having a multi-lingual mobile site is a step in the right direction to tap into the mobile market.We offer other services which include: SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, mobile Application Design and CRM integration.

Sort and Rework Case Study

Sort & Rework is a global manufacturing service company serving the maquiladora industry along the US - Mexico border and servicing automotive suppliers with sort and rework quality services. CEO Guillermo Guerrero approached Bilingual Web Design with the challenge to create a multilingual site to be able to communicate in three different languages with its global customers, clients and suppliers. Sort & Rework’s English website is being used to communicate and market Sort and Rework services in the US. The Spanish site is being used to connect and exchange communication with Sort & Rework Spanish speaking clients and employees and the Chinese Sort & Rework site is being used to stay connected and collaborate with S&R suppliers located in China and in the South Pacific Region.


Sort and Rework Multilingual Website




Monday, 07 October 2013 00:18

Bilingual Website Design


Bilingual Website Design 

We are industry leaders in creating Bilingual websites. BWD has created bilingual sites for lawyers wanting to promote their services to Hispanic people, doctors trying to stay connected with their Spanish speaking patients, political parties wanting to keep their citizen informed, grocery stores advertising their daily specials and manufacturing companies trying to reach out into new markets.

Our Bilingual Sites are created with the latest web technology, SEO and are mobile compatible, to get you a professional presence, improve user experience and leverage the internet as another source of potential customers.

Please contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an initial consultation.



Sunday, 06 October 2013 14:39

Bilingual Website Design

Welcome to Bilingual Web Design - Talk the Language of your Customers


Are you interested in marketing your products or services to the Latino Market in the US or Latin America by creating a Bilingual website or Spanish content? Does your business need to create a bilingual website or bilingual mobile applications that will help you selling your products to your Chinese customers? You are a lawyer who wants to target Spanish speaking clients in your city for legal services? You are a dentist who wants to send reminders by SMS to your patients in Spanish or their native language about their upcoming dental appointment? You are in the right place. Here you will get professional services with full customer support.

We, at Bilingual Web Design, are experts in creating bilingual websites and software applications in different languages and have helped many lawyers, doctors, dentists, nonprofit organizations, manufacturers and health care organizations to reach out to their customers in their native language or market their products and services. Our thousands of satisfied customers today, experience the benefit of our bilingual web services.

Our line of services include bilingual website design, bilingual content, bilingual software apps, bilingual SMS and email marketing, social media marketing, bilingual mobile apps, bilingual graphic design. We also have a special line of expertise and a package that we offer to Bilingual Lawyers and Doctors.  Email us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-317-340-4554 for learn more.  It’s time to start talking the language of your customers.


Bilingual Website Design

BWD creates bilingual websites targeted to your specific needs. 


Translation of your Site

BWD translates the site or part of your site.

home-icon-about-jquery 1

Hosting for your Site

BWD provides full hosting service for your site.


Mobile Web and Mobile Apps

BWD uses the latest technology to create amazing mobile sites and applications.


Sort and Rework is a leader in providing sort and rework manufacturing services and labor resources to US maquiladoras companies, along the US - Mexico Border. The company has experienced tremendous growth and its goal is to establish a professional multilingual presence on the internet to serve its global customer base. In addition, Sort and Rework wants to integrate their current CRM and Engineering Drawing system using their site as a portal. Bilingual Web Design created a website in three languages: Spanish, English and Chinese, to serve its global customer base and integrate the site to the current Microsoft CRM system.


Saturday, 05 October 2013 23:43

Bilingual Lawyer Web Design


We have helped many lawyers to target Spanish speaking customers with bilingual web design and content. Pat Rios Law LLP is a law practice company, providing legal services in the areas of immigration, family and criminal law to the Hispanic community in Indiana. Bilingual Web Design created a SEO optimized, responsive and bilingual website, with Spanish and English content.  Visit Pat Rios Law for  a real client demo.


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